Pathfinder RPG co-creator leaves publisher Paizo after 14 years

19 May 2017
pathfinder-05415.jpg Pathfinder
Editor-in-chief F. Wesley Schneider started monthly Adventure Path series for fantasy RPG

One of the brains behind fantasy RPG Pathfinder has left Paizo after more than a decade at the roleplaying publisher.

Editor-in-chief F. Wesley Schneider started at the company back in 2003 and contributed to Dungeons & Dragon magazine Dragon before writing adventures for the roleplaying game.

Later, when the D&D 3.5-based Pathfinder launched as a breakaway from the upcoming fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, Schneider helped to co-create the RPG’s mechanics and world. Pathfinder later went on to become the first RPG to outsell Dungeons & Dragons in more than two decades.

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Schneider was also responsible for starting the Pathfinder Adventure Path, the ongoing campaign of linked scenarios that are released every month and form two full campaigns each year. He also authored Pathfinder Tales spin-off novel Bloodbound.

As well as writing dozens of scenarios for D&D and Pathfinder, Schneider has worked on many other tabletop and video games, including last year’s Betrayal at House on the Hill expansion Widow’s Walk.

In a lengthy blog post thanking those he had worked with at Paizo during his 14 years at the firm, Schneider said that he would likely continue to contribute to some future Pathfinder supplements and chat with fans on the message boards.

He didn’t give any further information on his future plans, and Paizo is yet to announce who will take over from him.


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