Pandemic on PC is good, but it could be so much better

28 August 2018
ss_e9a3a6dfb9e002d710c5f92e9e74d25a9d779ef2.1920x1080-08853.jpg Pandemic on PC
No expansions, online multiplayer or AI

Pandemic has finally spread its infectious co-op gameplay to PC – but the latest digital version of Matt Leacock’s smash hit board game is a few cubes short of perfection.

It’s an attractive version of the original 2008 disease-battling favourite, at least, with flashy visuals and slick animations depicting the global fight against four plagues.

If you’ve somehow never come into contact with Pandemic before, there’s also a fancy interactive tutorial to get you started and the ability to check rules on the fly using the ‘info mode’.

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As you’d hope, there’s support for local multiplayer for up to four people via a pass-and-play mode, but that’s just about your only option if you want to play with friends – there’s no way to play online at all.

Even if you prefer to play alone, you’ll be truly on your own, with no support for computer-controller companions or AI help. At least you’ll have the choice of three difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate and expert – to tailor to your skill.

Otherwise, it’s vanilla Pandemic as you know it, with seven different roles to choose from but zero elements of the game’s various expansions – On the Brink, In the Lab and State of Emergency – to add to each playthrough.

It could be that the app will be updated in coming weeks and months to address some of the criticisms from players – which has currently earned it a ‘Mostly Negative’ review rating on Steam – but with a price tag of £7, it’s still a reasonably decent and cheap way to enjoy base Pandemic on your computer screen. Just don’t expect much more than that.


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