Paladins of the West Kingdom becomes the middle chapter of the North Sea follow-up trilogy

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02 January 2019
paladins-west-kingdom-17960.png Paladins of the West Kingdom
Shem Phillips’ standalone sequel to Architects sees players defending the city they helped build

Raiders of the North Sea creator Shem Phillips has unveiled the second instalment in his follow-up trilogy set in the West Kingdom.

Paladins of the West Kingdom is the standalone sequel to last year’s Architects of the West Kingdom, and jumps ahead 50 years to 900 AD as the domain of West Francia that players helped construct in the previous game finds itself threatened by invaders such as the Saracens, Byzantines and Vikings, making a cameo after their starring role in Phillips’ acclaimed Norse-themed North Sea series.

Players’ noblepeople need to gather workers from the city to build fortifications and hold off their attackers, while also spreading faith across the realm by commissioning monks. Helping them will be the kings’ knights – the paladins of the title – who will lend their strength to clashes, with players choosing one paladin to aid them each turn.

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As in Phillips’ past games, the ultimate aim is to amass victory points, gained in this case by building outposts, upping the faith of the land and fighting off the various aggressors. The growing military might and faith of the people will also play a role in players’ options in each of the seven rounds, hinting at a mechanic with echoes of Architects’ virtue track.

Paladins of the West Kingdom is currently planned for a Kickstarter in March, with Architects also confirmed to be available as part of the same campaign. Phillips is yet to confirm any details about the third – and final – entry in the West Kingdom trilogy.


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