Owlbears, sahuagin and Demogorgon, oh my! Classic D&D monsters are returning in a special miniatures collection

07 July 2017
Demogorgon_Sub-header-99928.jpg Demogorgon
Pre-painted set due this November

Dungeons & Dragons is going to celebrate some of its most iconic foes with a new box set of monster miniatures out later this year.

The Icons of the Realms: Classic Creatures collection will include nine creatures from the first edition of the RPG’s Monster Manual, including an ogre, orc and orc archer, purple worm, troll, sahuagin and sahuagin mystic, and owlbear.

The centrepiece of the set, however, is a four-inch-tall model of the two-headed demon prince Demogorgon, who recently got more than a passing mention as the namesake of the villain in hugely popular TV show Stranger Things. There’s a smaller two-inch Demogorgon model on offer as a pre-order bonus.

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All of the models will come pre-painted, and it’ll cost you $80 (£62) for the lot when Classic Creatures is released in November.


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