OUT TODAY! Miniature Wargames December 2019

14 December 2018
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What do we have for the readers inside this issue?
OUT TODAY! Miniature Wargames December 2019 Images

Miniature Wargames December 2018 (Issue 429), is almost with us. What do we have inside for the readers? 

We have Red Storm: It’s the cold war as might have been with a scenario for use with 20mm models called Operation Able Archer using Rapid Fire! rules.

We also have more Soviet action with Kursk Without Tears: it’s a guide to a system for playing a vast armoured battle without buying every model tank on the planet. Probably!

Moving away from Mother Russia we have Norse Quest: This is an adventure setting with multiple scenarios again using the downloadable By Crom! system (available from the MW website) for games of valour, danger and treachery - with the odd giant, troll and dragon thrown in for good measure! 

For  Command Decision it’s Corunna – Spain 1809 by Jon Sutherland. Can you make the right decision?

We have Gardening in the Swat valley - an unlikely sounding scenario for Black Ops rules in Send Three and Fourpence by Conrad Kinch.

We have two photo show reports on both Fiasco in Leeds and Warfare in Reading.

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Finally, in All Or Nothing the Editor slips on a hair shirt for an exploration of a self-inflicted scenario faux pas.

And there’s the Wargames Widow building Wadis and other dry gulches.

For reviews we have Fantasy Facts: The usual sensor sweep of the latest products in F&SF gaming from Deep Cut; Mantic; Wild West Exodus; Brother Vinni; GZG and more! And there’s Forward Observer with (mostly) historical wargaming product reports from Deep Cut Studio; Brigade; History Works; Sally 4th and more!. Finally we have Recce for 12 book reviews. And the free Club Directory!

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