Osprey Games to publish Let Them Eat Cake

08 March 2016
LTEC_backofBox_elementsVisual_v3-58327.jpg Let Them Eat Cake
Decide who gets to keep Marie Antoinette's leftover cakes
Osprey Games to publish Let Them Eat Cake Images

Osprey Games has announced it is publishing Let them Eat Cake, a new game by award-winning game designer Peer Sylvester, who previously worked with Osprey on The King is Dead! This game of honour and pastry places players at the highest levels of France’s Revolutionary Committee, at its time of greatest crisis: deciding who gets to keep Marie Antoinette’s leftover cakes.

Three to six players must decide who to elect to prominent positions of power, who should receive the most cake, and whose plastic pawns should be sent to the guillotine - and there’s even a little cardboard guillotine included.

Duncan Molloy, Osprey’s games developer, said: “Peer Sylvester is one of my favourite game designers, and it is a real privilege to work with him again on this new project. Let Them Eat Cake is a game of forming alliances and hoarding pastries, where your ability to charm your friends is as useful as tactical card play. It is perfect for mixed ages and different levels of gaming experience. I am also thrilled that we got Lauren Dawson, who did such a beautiful job illustrating Secret Santa, to create all the artwork for this game. The sense of humour in her illustrations really brings the game to life.”

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Joseph McCullough, Osprey Games’ marketing manager, was too busy stuffing his face with brioche and éclairs to comment. Let Them Eat Cake will be released in August of this year and will be available at GenCon. The game includes 117 cards, 18 plastic pawns, a punchboard guillotine, and rulebook and retails for £19.99/$27.00/CAN $34.00.


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