Open-world cowboy game Western Legends’ first big expansion Ante Up doubles down on gambling

02 January 2019
wl-ante-up-28335.jpg Western Legends: Ante Up
New territories to explore – and new ways to get there

The first full expansion for sandbox cowboy adventure Western Legends is placing its bets.

Ante Up introduces even more ways for players to gamble in the open world of the gunslinging board game, adding to the simplified version of poker included in the standard game, which only includes the three-card flop.

The expansion also adds a new gambler track, hinting that spending your time in the saloon might reap even greater rewards and game-winning legendary points.

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Other additions in the box include new territories, such as the town of Blood Gulch – potentially a reference to the classic western movie Destry Rides Again – and the locomotive, which might add a new way to travel around the map.

The shop expands with extra items such as the Derringer pistol, a quarter horse, Western Gazette newspaper and snake oil for players to buy, while the real-life roster of playable characters grows with famous names including the Sundance Kid, Fee Lee Wong, Poker Alice, Curly Bill, Seth Bullock, Maria Gertrudis Barcelo and ‘Soapy’ Smith – several of whom have unique abilities linked to gambling.

You’ll need Western Legends to play Ante Up, which will hit Kickstarter on January 10th.


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