One Deck Dungeon enters the Forest of Shadows with a standalone expansion

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26 April 2017
pic3496794_lg-10403.jpg One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
Dice-rolling dungeon-crawler introduces poison, new dungeons and heroes, and the chance to obtain a pet panther (in the game)

Dungeon-crawler-but-in-a-tiny-box One Deck Dungeon is back with a brand new expansion which also happens to be a standalone follow-up to the neat card and dice-rolling game.

One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows introduces some new adventures and hero classes to the fast-paced title, which sees players rolling dice to defeat monster and overcome perils as they make their way through a dungeon. Which is represented by a single deck of cards. Y’know, like a one deck dungeon.

The core gameplay elements remain untouched but have been expanded with some additional mechanics, such as poison, which can dish out extra damage if rolls don’t go your way.

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There’s also new threats from monsters and the dungeon itself that can result in dice being returned to the box for good, permanently reducing a player’s power.

What’s most exciting, though, is the specific call-out on Forest of Shadows’ Kickstarter page for ‘pet panther’. That’s right: if you overcome the deadly big cat, there’s the chance to charm it and have it fight alongside you for the rest of that game. Please don’t keep panthers as pets in real life, folks.

Being both an expansion and a sequel, Forest of Shadow’s cards can be combined with the original One Deck Dungeon to create a mega-deck, with all heroes and dungeons cross-compatible with the cards from the other set.

As well as the standard box, which will set you back $20 (£16) plus another $20 for shipping, Asmadi is offering a v1.5 upgrade pack for the original game that bumps up the card quality to plastic and fixes several small errors in the rules. A plastic edition of Forest of Shadows can be had for $40 (£32).
The campaign has already sailed past its initial goal and has raised more than $80,000 (£62,000) with a good 20 days left on the clock.


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