On the cover and inside is the Rumble in the Jungle!

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14 May 2021
Another great selection of rules and scenarios for you to chose from.

On the cover and inside is the Rumble in the Jungle! So get your bull whip and paddle your own canoe as we have We have two ‘30s Pulp scenarios featured with Here be Dragons and Up the River to Lakamazoo.

With Command Decision: we are back in the American Civil War at Blackburn’s Ford: it’s Bull Run in the war between the states.

In The Day is Lost we investigate fighting rearguard actions in the Napoleonic era, and – for a complete change of scenery – we have Bolt Action On The Moon: It’s been almost half a century since humanity was last on the moon but – maybe – we’ll soon be back: This article adapts the popular Bolt Action rule set for one sixth gravity.
In Send 3 and 4 pence Conrad Kinch asks “is there a ‘best scale’ for wargaming?” Then he talks about... sausages!

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In Practical Wargames Scenery Tony Harwood completes his work on a 28mm Windmill. But if scratch building is too daunting, what about 3D printing? In Bathed In Resin Jon Sutherland investigates the pros and cons.

Finally, we have the review sections with of Defence in Depth with new products, Forward Observer for news – especially of forthcoming show dates – and Recce for nine of the very best of insightful book reviews. 

The Last Word is by Arthur Harman. 

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