Old Spice has created a new RPG character class for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, because why not?

12 February 2018
Old-Spice-DD-featured-64504.jpg Old Spice's gentleman and gentle-lady
Four-page 'gentleman' and 'gentle-lady' PDF released for free

Hands up if you expected body wash, aftershave and deodorant company Old Spice to become the latest newcomer to the world of tabletop roleplaying. Nope, us neither.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the iconic American house of smells from putting out its own custom character class for fantasy roleplayers to use in their next campaign, if they feel so inclined. Why? We have no idea, but it’s still pretty cool.

The ‘gentleman’ – or ‘gentle-lady’, for female characters – is a charismatic individual who comes clad in fancy clothes that provide a AC of 10 plus their DEX and CHA modifiers, with an extra AC point if you choose to wear tinted eyeglasses – although these will drop your perception and attack rolls in dim light, naturally.

A gentle-person can also crack wise with catchprases that provide inspiration to allies and punchlines that deal damage to enemies, presumably because you’ve hurt their feelings.

There’s a surprisingly detailed list of humorous class features across the free four-page PDF released by Old Spice, including (of course) the character’s pleasurable smells, which take effect at seventh level and allow companions to heal within smelling range. Oh, and at 11th level, the gentle-person can transform into a wolf.

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The class has been created for the Open Gaming License, which means it can be used in Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and OGL-compatible RPGs such as Pathfinder, but not the latest fifth edition of D&D. In fact, specific mentions of the stealth skill and skill points per level suggest that it’s actually best suited for Pathfinder, but will work in D&D 3.5 with a few tweaks. Before you get your hopes up for an appearance in official Pathfinder Society organised play, though, Paizo has confirmed that it isn’t eligible due to not being one of the publisher’s own creations.

The class seems to have gone down well with players, but has also attracted some criticism over certain skills that refer specifically to ‘members of the opposite sex’, such as the ‘Gentleman’s Code’ to never attack a member of the opposite sex first; the fourth-level skill ‘After You’, which lets them switch initiative with any ally of the opposite sex; and the need to carry a humanoid of the opposite sex for a full day to regain their skills and class features if they break the gentleman’s code and become an ‘ex-gentleman’.

“This was an oversight and we plan to update it,” Old Spice acknowledged in a series of follow-up tweets. “The updated version timing is TBD. We are trying to gather as much feedback as possible. Still refining.

“While the RAW specify a single example of the Gentleman/-lady class, players and GMs are enthusiastically encouraged to set mechanics and conditions around identity and mutual attraction as best suits your playgroup and campaign!”


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