Oh BOY, God of War: The Card Game is bringing the PS4 video game (and Ragnarök) to the tabletop

18 April 2019
god-of-war-tcg-96704.png God of War: The Card Game
Ragnarök and roll

God of War is following Horizon Zero Dawn and Bloodborne to become the next PlayStation 4-exclusive video game to get a tabletop spin-off.

God of War: The Card Game is in the works from CMON, which previously adapted Dark Souls spiritual successor Bloodborne into a card game and is also developing a Bloodborne board game.

Based on last year’s Norse-flavoured reboot of the bloody and brutal action-adventure series, God of War: The Card Game hands control of Kratos, his son/BOY Atreus and other characters from the game to players as they attempt to stop Ragnarök.

The co-op game involves quests made up of double-sided cards that are arranged to form mosaic images of monsters and places from the video game. As the quests are completed, the cards are flipped over to apply abilities and effects that influence the group’s strategies. Unresolved quests can affect future encounters, introducing extra challenges and obstacles – some of which are permanent.

At points, players have to choose which quest they tackle next, with CMON saying that no two playthroughs God of War: The Card Game will be exactly the same as a result.

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The roster of playable heroes – which also includes decapitated head guide Mimir, blacksmiths Brok and Sindri, and the spell-casting Freya – each have individual abilities tracked on player boards, including a special attack that can be triggered once enough power has been gained. 

There’s an element of deckbuilding too, as each character’s unique starting deck is customised with different cards from other decks to tailor their attacks and abilities during each game.

God of War: The Card Game is said to be ‘coming’ in Q3 of 2019 – whether that means a release or a Kickstarter campaign isn’t clear. Watch the teaser trailer for the game below.


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