Not Alone will hunt down a second edition and two new expansions this year

09 March 2017
pic3118524-63732.jpg Not Alone
Stronghold Games to republish card game in May, followed by Exploration and Sanctuary add-ons in summer and at the end of 2017

Alien-hunting-humans card game Not Alone is going all-out in 2017, with a brand new edition and not just one, but two, expansion sets.

We had mixed feelings about the game’s hand management-meets-hidden movement mechanics, but enjoyed the dripping atmosphere and glorious artwork of the sci-fi settings.

Hopefully some of our minor concerns will be quelled by the Exploration and Sanctuary add-ons, due out in summer and at the end of the year respectively.

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The first pack will expand the number of hunt, survival and places cards, while the second will also introduce new gameplay factors and scenario involving ancient shipwrecked spacemen who join the humans in the fight against the pursuing mutated creature.

Before all that, Not Alone will receive a second edition in May, published by Stronghold Games.

Interestingly, the new version will maintain the divisive poker chip-like heavy tokens found in the original box, Stronghold confirmed. No further details have been given about any changes.


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