19 July 2022
Nominations are open

It’s that time of year again! Awards season is upon us, and now is your chance to nominate your favourite games of 2022 across 13 categories. Including:


  • Best Board Game 2022
  • Best Wargame 2022
  • Best Miniatures Game 2022
  • Best Card Game 2022
  • Best Trading Card Game 2022
  • Best Roleplaying Game 2022
  • Best Indie Game 2022
  • Best Solo Game 2022
  • Best Party Game 2022
  • Best Way to Die in an RPG Award 2022
  • Best Intergenerational Game Award 2022
  • Most Novel Component Award 2022
  • Outside the Box Award for Best Add-In Accessory 2022

The eligibility period is between our live shows, so for any game that has been released between September 2021 and September 2022.


Want to get right to it? Head over here and pick your favourites:


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Nominations are open for three weeks, so spread the word and make sure your favourite game’s communities are aware of the awards.


Once the nominations are closed, our panel of judges will pick the final three for each category, and the final vote will go out to the public.

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Once you’ve voted, you’ll be notified of when the final voting will take place.


Last year saw winners such as Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile taking the Best Board Game 2021 award and Dune: Adventures in the Imperium picking up an award for Best Roleplaying Game 2021. You can see the acceptance speeches in the video below.



And don’t forget about our live show, you can grab your tickets right here:





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