No superhero (or supervillain) fights alone in the next DC Deckbuilding Game

17 November 2017
pic3673534-67848.png DC Deckbuilding Game: Confrontations
Confrontations based on one-on-one rules seen in Rivals: Batman vs The Joker

The next DC Deckbuilding Game is taking a leaf out of the recent DC cinematic universe by bringing together members of the Justice League - and their archenemies - for a new team-based spin on the comic book card-battler.

Confrontations is based on the one-on-one rules introduced in Rivals: Batman vs The Joker, but expands the use of confrontations to support a new two-versus-two format, as well as a three-player variant.

Players on the same team will be able to help each other out with assist moves, whether they’re controlling Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman or Zatanna on the good side of things or the supervillain line-up of Lex Luthor, Circe, Ocean Master and Felix Faust.

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Built on the same Cerberus Engine as previous DC Deckbuilding Game entries, the standalone set can be combined with other instalments in the long-running series, allowing Batman to join his Justice League pals and other heroes and baddies to get involved.

Each hero and villain in Confrontations has three different variants, with defeated characters returning in a more powerful form, further encouraging the teamwork between players.

There’s 180 cards and the 24 oversized character cards in the $40 (£30) box, which is out later this month. The increased player count sees the play time run in a little longer than Rival’s half-hour matches, coming in between 35 and 75 minutes.


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