Ninja is making official pre-painted miniatures for Pathfinder’s upcoming sci-fi RPG sequel, Starfinder

14 March 2017
starfinder-roleplaying-game-starfinder-core-rulebook-01933.jpg Starfinder
Title set thousands of years after fantasy RPG due out this August

Paizo’s sci-fi sequel to Pathfinder, Starfinder, is to get its own range of official pre-painted miniatures.

The follow-up to the hit fantasy RPG is due out this August and takes place thousands of years after Pathfinder’s setting.

It’s a standalone game, with evolved variants of Pathfinder’s ruleset (itself evolved from Dungeons & Dragons) and new sci-fi-flavoured elements, including robots, ships and new monsters, all driven by a new 560-page sourcebook.

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Now, publisher Ninja Division has announced that it’s teamed up with Paizo to create officially licensed miniatures to use with the RPG that will be available full painted out of the box.

The figures will include the game’s ship crews and planet explorers, as well as the actual vessels they’ll use to jet around the universe, both scaled to suit their use in the game.

The first wave of miniatures will be released alongside Starfinder at Gen Con this August.


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