New Solo Scenario for Barbarian Hordes from Portal Games

03 September 2020
Sometimes, you've just got to invade Britain alone

Portal Games are all about games that tell stories, and their Imperial Settlers, and then Epires of the North Games are no exception. These are games played well with family and friends, but of course, getting a group together isn't always easy, and so we're seeing more and more solo game modes being offered. That's exactly what we're seeing in a new scenario posted by Portal Games within Empires of the North, called Barbarian Hordes. 

You are as a Barbarian, of course, tired of living in the lands you do, and your ambition exceeds the confines of the rough lands and long winters, and must conquer! Not deterred by the constant rain, you choose to take over Great Britain, but you'll need to strike terror in order to do so.

The scenario means you can now invade Great Britain with the Urvart faction. Each area of Great Britain has separate riles, across England, Scotland, and Wales, and there are then five additional scenarios to consider too. You'll need to gain 55 points by plundering regions of Great Britain - but of course, it is never that simple, and you'll be derailed and interrupted by events that form part of the scenarios. 

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This was designed by Joanna Kijanka, who also authored the expansion to Empires of the North, and has been tested and improved since its original online premiere.

Portal Games has certainly been busy lately too, as we saw also an announcement for the trailer of Detective: Season One available to view. 

You can find the download for Empires of the North: Barbarian Hordes, over on the Portal Games site as a PDF.



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