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23 July 2020
All of the goodness for your ears

It's another great one for you this week as we've been speaking to Anna Blackwell, who you may recognise as a contributor to the magazine, the creator of many a microgame of the month, or impressively as the creator of DELVE: A Solo Game, of digging too deep. 

We chat to Anna all about free games, about print and plays, as well as the games Anna has been playing recently. These include Ironsworn, as well as a map and worldbuilder in Beak, Feather, and Bone. 

It's with noting that there were a few issues with the initial recording - it means you may see a few strange edits - but hopefully you'll enjoy it all the same. 

It's a fun one not to be missed, so head on over to your favourite podcast provider to tune in, and let us know what your thoughts are in free games!

 Listen directly here, or use the links below to subscribe.


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