NEW PODCAST: Conventions and Community with Mark Cooke

25 January 2021
We chat with board game community royalty

We've got a new podcast for you!

We're joined by Mark Cooke, one of the organisers of Airecon, a fabulous convention built for the analogue game players (and one of the last conventions we were able to attend before COVID-19 caused us to isolate), and one of the admins for the popular Facebook group Board Game Trading and Chat UK, and talk about the community that this invokes and the fun of doing so. 

We also chat about Renature, a game that both Mark and Chris had played with their significant others, and the trickiness of the game itself.. but in a good way. 

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Finally, we chat about the best five types of games to play at conventions.

Overall, you'll hear about Belgian Beers Race, Ankh: Gods of Egypt, Castel, Sumo Gnomes, Two Rooms and a Boom, Watch The Skies, 18XX Games, Battlestar Galactica, Cora Quest and more.

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