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26 October 2020
Join us in the game mechanics chop shop

A new episode of the Tabletop Gaming Magazine has just landed for your listening pleasure. This week we have an episode we recorded over the summer with James Wallis (previously of this parish, games designer, and now the studio head of Green Games) talking about game mechanics and the need to categorise what we do in games, and how they make us feel.

We also get James’ top five Spiel des Jahres winners – a true list of the crème de le crème of the hobby gaming world. 

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We recently ran an online event, Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live 2020, which is now available on our Youtube Channel. Join us over there for more gaming goodness, and tell your friends.

As part of the show we included some highlights from 2019 – such as this excellent panel run by James Wallis where the Spiel des Jahres was taken into account and the winners were voted on.



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