New Neuroshima Hex on App Stores from Portal Games

03 August 2021
Just one month to wait

If you want to take your board gaming with you in your pocket, doing so on your phone may be a good option. Portal Games has been offering their board games in app form before, but now brings us news of a second app for Neuroshima Hex!, following on from its 2010 release, offering a full redesign, improved AI, a solo mode with three difficulty levels, and the opportunity for cross platform online gameplay. 

As Portal Games explains, the goal of the game is to destroy your enemy’s HQ by placing troops on the hexagonal game board and triggering their abilities. All Factions have their own unique units with distinct mechanics. The order in which units come into play and their placement on the board make each game completely different, resulting in high replay value.

The app itself will offer 4 Factions that you will recognise from the base game if you've played it before, with Moloch, Hegemony, Outpost, and Borgo. However, this promises only to increase, as Portal confirms expansions will be added within future updates without additional cost, for those who purchased the original app. Similarly, if you had downloaded the original app, the newer version will be free. 

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You can download the app from the iOS app store and the Google Play Store from an unspecified date in September 2021


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