New from Scorpion Masque: Mia London and the Case of the 625 Scoundrels

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11 August 2020
Bowties are cool

Scorpion Masque, known for Decrypto, and Zombie Kidz evolutions amongst others, has announced its newest game through Iello, named Mia London and the Case of the 625 Scoundrels.

The game is an "innovative observation game", in which players take the role of investigators to identify characteristics of a crime-committing scoundrel, using an investigation booklet to create an image of the scoundrel. 

Players will secretly remove one card of each characteristic to start the game (from the hat, to the glasses, moustache, and of course, a bow tie) and these are placed within a box. These cards will make up the characteristics of the scoundrels face, and the target of the game to discover. 

To do so, the remaining cards are shown over the course of four rounds, which leaves it up to your memory to recognise which cards are missing, and as such what the criminal looks like. Guesses are made within the investigation booklet, which appears to be a flip book containing the different facial characteristics, allowing you to flip to the ones that you think are correct.  

The winner is declared based on the most accurate, but of course it's a bit more tricky to remember than it sounds, leading to some amusing final composites, and a real test of those memory skills. 

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The game has been designed by Antoine Bauza (Supercats, Ninja Academy, Monster Chase) and Corentin Lebrat (Flyin' Goblin), and is for 2-4 players aged 5 and over, making it a fun-looking family game. It is also the eight title in the 'Little Monsters' line, aimed at children and adding playfulness to memory observation games. 

The game will be available online or in FLGS from August 16th 2020.



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