New expansion and real-sized prop money coming to Firefly: The Game in February

28 October 2016
BigMoney_Credits-32793.png Big Money
Gale Force Nine announces Crime & Punishment and Big Money
New expansion and real-sized prop money coming to Firefly: The Game in February Images

You can't take the sky from me, and even though Joss Whedon’s short-lived cult sci-fi TV series Firefly is fast approaching its 20th anniversary, it seems that you can’t take the opportunity to produce more board game spin-offs from publishers, either.

Firefly: The Game creator Gale Force Nine has announced a new expansion for the tabletop take on the space western, Crime & Punishment, which adds 40 new cards to the Misbehave deck. There’s also new Alliance Priority Alerts, which can be used to embargo a supply planet, temporarily hide Contacts or advance alliance patrols. Meanwhile, two extra story cards and two set up cards introduce extra ways to play and original narratives.

The other announcement from Gale Force Nine is the Big Money accessory for Firefly: The Game, although honestly you might be interested in picking the new kit up if you’re just a fan of the show. The pack includes prop-sized versions of the game’s paper money, which is based on the currency from the TV series – making the life-size notes just as suitable for cosplayers and collectors of TV and movie memorabilia. There’s also a new $5,000 credit denomination of the cash, which will make the pack even more valuable when we finally switch to using space money in the future. (We assume.)

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Both the Crime & Punishment expansion and Big Money accessory are both currently planned for release next February. Crime & Punishment will cost $15, with Big Money coming in at $20.


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