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04 March 2020
Another settlement needs your help!

The wasteland just got a little bit nicer as Fantasy Flight Games (Arkham Horror, X-Wing, Keyforge) have just announced a co-op expansion for the Fallout board game. The new expansion titled Atomic Bonds allows players to work together to help their chosen faction to rise to power and take control of the wasteland. Each faction is paired against it’s canon enemy (Brotherhood of Steel vs Enclave, Institute vs The Railroad, etc) and players can choose either side to help. Atomic Bonds also allows players to play through all the scenarios included in the base Fallout game and those in the New California expansion.


Fallout, for those just joining us in the wasteland, is an adaptation of Bethesda’s Fallout 4 videogame and includes locales, characters, and quests that let players tell their own post-apocalyptic story. Players explore the hex gridded map, discovering locales, levelling up their S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats and finding equipment and followers. Unlike the regular Fallout series, players are also able to play as super mutants, ghouls, and are now able to mutate in more varied and interesting ways. Like getting the ‘marsupial’ trait which lets you carry more.


Atomic Bonds doesn’t just add co-op, it also introduces new scenarios, modifications, mutations, and workshop upgrades! Which lets players “radically change their weapons, their apparel, their workshop, and even themselves.” For fans of the Fallout videogame series however, the addition of the new C.A.M.Ps might bring some trepidation. Fingers crossed that’s the only aspect of the farcical Fallout 76 that makes its way across. Though it would perhaps be more fitting of a Bethesda game if each update introduced new glitches and bugs… 

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Atomic Bonds is available for pre-order with release scheduled for Q2 2020.


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