New Catan app announced for PC and mobile as Rivals for Catan disappears from iOS

04 August 2017
20507673_1586427351388114_1008376449693200991_o-95557.jpg Rivals for Catan
Digital version of two-player card game will join Catan Universe

Rivals for Catan is dead; long life Rivals for Catan.

The iPhone and iPad versions of the two-player card game spin-off have been pulled from the App Store after developer USM confirmed that it would not be able to update the app’s 32-bit architecture to fit with Apple’s new 64-bit iOS 11 platform when it launches this autumn.

While Rivals for Catan will no longer be available to purchase from the mobile store, it will remain playable until players’ devices are updated to the latest operating system.

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It’s not all bad news, though – USM revealed that it is already working on a replacement for Rivals of Catan called Catan: The Duel, which will be a revamped version of the original app.

Catan: The Duel will be released as part of the somewhat controversial free-to-play Catan Universe platform, which upset players earlier this year by locking functionality behind in-app purchases, including scrolls that unlocked online multiplayer for a limited amount of time.

Catan Universe is only currently available on PC and Mac, but is planned for future release on iOS and Android, where it will be joined by Catan: The Duel.


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