New Campaign Rulebook From Para Bellum Wargames

16 July 2021
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You may recognise Para Bellum Wargames – they're the creators of Conquest: Last Argument of Kings, and Conquest: First Blood, a regimental fantasy miniature wargame. They've been turning it up to eleven recently, with a spate of announcements and releases, and today is no different. 

Para Bellum Wargames has confirmed the release of rules for campaign play, named Conquest Campaigns: Chronicles and Legends, which introduces rules for linking games to campaigns. The Chronicles system provides ground and rules for Conquest: Last Argument of Kings to design, play and resolve an entire campaign within their factions, expanding the wargame past single battles between armies, and the Legends system designed to work with both games, allowing characters to be forged into heroes and tales of legend. This manifests in over 136 pages containing lore and art work, plus expanding on the history of why the factions themselves are at war. Plus, it explores the newest faction, the W’adrhŭn, of which you can see an unboxing of the starter set below.

"For us Conquest is not a game but an entire gaming world" says Lead Writer, Konstantinos Oikonomou “Conquest Campaigns expands on the ways players can interact and forge their own stories in our world; and we made sure to add a whole lot of lore for inspiration in the book!” 

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You can find your copy over at Para Bellum directly by clicking here, where it will cost €29, or ask in your Friendly Local Game Store

We're looking forward to hearing more of the faction, and we took at look at the starter set below. If you enjoyed that, we also took a look at the follow up Raptors too! Find that and more on our YouTube Channel. 



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