New App, New Games, New Features – Announcements At The Sixth Roll20Con

15 November 2021
Take your game on the go

Roll20 is a staple program in the life of many RPG players, allowing you to bring your RPG to life online, and certainly facilitating many a game during COVID-19 lockdowns. Allowing multiple players to assume their characters, as well as the GM to have control over aspects such as maps this has offered a relief for the geographically challenged, as well as a great way to play online. 

Within Roll20 Con has been a slew of announcements, not least the mobile companion app having fully launched on iOs and Android, with a variety of additional features having been highly requested. This will allow you to easily view your character sheet within app, roll for abilities, combat, and spells, allow you to add your rolls directly into the chat, make non combat skill checks, and allow players to manage their character sheets all from within the app itself.

In addition, a number of new titles are confirmed to be added to the platform. Following the event, you'll be able to pick up Official Artpacks from The Unsleeping City (Dimension 20, The Dark Eye/Das Schwarze Auge (Ulisses Spiele), Adventures on a Dime 2.0 (Dungeons on a dime), and more over the coming months, which include that such as Cyberpunk Red, Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos, Fallout RPG, Power Rangers RPG and more. 

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In addition, the future of Roll20 suggests even more functionality – from smart image placement, to performance improvements and lad time improvements, compendium in the companion app, design updates and more. 




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