Netflix show Narcos gets a board game from Zombicide and Blood Rage studio

14 May 2018
narcos-pic-99125.png Narcos
One player takes on the role of El Patrón trying to keep their drug empire hidden

CMON, the studio behind Zombicide, Blood Rage and Rising Sun, is turning hit Netflix crime show Narcos into a board game.

The first two seasons of the series were initially based on the life of infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, before moving onto the battle between the DEA and the Colombian Cali Cartel in the wake of Escobar’s death. A fourth season is currently in the works.

Narcos: The Board Game puts two to five people in opposing roles, with one person trying to grow their cocaine empire as ‘El Patrón’ while the others attempt to hunt them down as the DEA, Policía Nacional de Colombia, Cali Cartel and a guerrilla extremist group, who are working together in this setup.

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The gameplay follows the format of a hidden movement game, with El Patrón keeping their location on a central board secret while moving around to complete three hidden objectives, become the president of Colombia or simply survive for three seasons.

Meanwhile, the united forces of the rest of the group share their information and discuss ways to tighten the net and capture their opponent in order to win.

The game has been designed by Fel Barros – who has credits on games including  Bloodborne: The Card Game, Massive Darkness, Rising Sun and Ethnos – and Renato Sasdelli, and is due out in the last quarter of this year. It’ll cost $55 (£40).


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