Netflix sci-fi series Altered Carbon slips into the sleeve of a tabletop roleplaying game

03 April 2019
altered-carbon-rpg-10943.jpg Altered Carbon RPG
Cyberpunk 2020

A tabletop RPG set in the sci-fi world of Netflix show Altered Carbon is in the works.

Based on Richard K. Morgan’s 2002 novel and the TV series it inspired, the tabletop RPG will be the first of multiple games planned for release from design studio Hunters Entertainment, which previously worked on Kids on Bikes and Overlight. Renegade, which published both of those games, will publish the upcoming Altered Carbon RPG.

The ‘long-term’ ongoing series of roleplaying games will apparently take inspiration from the ‘full scope’ of Altered Carbon’s universe and story, including direct links to the upcoming second season on Netflix. A designer and game system are yet to be announced.

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Altered Carbon takes place several hundreds years in the future in a high-tech version of San Francisco. Its key hook involves the ability of human minds to be digitised as ‘stacks’ and repeatedly transferred between multiple bodies – or ‘sleeves’ – to avoid death, as long as the stack remains intact. The book and series follows former rebel soldier Takeshi Kovacs as he’s released from prison to solve a murder.

The core rulebook for the Altered Carbon RPG will be crowdfunded later this year ahead of a planned release in print and digital in 2020. Future supplements and expansions have been confirmed.

“Altered Carbon is such a rich and expansive universe,” said Hunters co-founder Ivan Van Norman as part of the announcement. “We look forward to producing an equally ambitious and inspired line of games for years to come."


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