Near and Far’s first expansion brings magic, mines and monsters in four new modules

10 October 2017
pic3778381-04433.jpg Near and Far: Amber Mines
Amber Mines headed to Ryan Laukat’s Above and Below sequel next spring

Ryan Laukat’s follow-up to Above and Below, Near and Far, is getting its first big expansion, which crams four different modules for the beautiful storytelling game into a single box.

Near and Far: Amber Mines has already made more than $163,000 (£124,000) on Kickstarter, with the set of optional variants due out next April.

The deadline portion of the add-on introduces a replacement mine tile for the game, which is placed over the existing section on the town board. A deck of 43 Amber Mine cards open up the titular setting for players to explore and search for treasure.

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Combined with the mine is the Mystic’s Hut, which accompanies 30 spell cards and a magic track tile to add single-use incarnations and abilities to each playthrough. Players must return to the hut to recharge their magical power.

Another replacement tile covers over the existing general store with a revised version complete with different actions, such as refilling hearts and gaining a coin, and alternative ways to set up camps during the game, including by buying an advanced artifact.

Lastly, there’s a module of updated threat cards, replacing the deck found in the base game. The set includes new monsters, plus more varied rewards for defeating them.

A few more stretch goals have been unlocked by the campaign so far, which will run until November 4th. Amber Mines is $28 (£21) including postage to the UK, or can be grabbed with the deluxe version of Near and Far for $110 (£83).


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