Mythic Battles: Pantheon’s Rise of the Titans expansion lives up to its name

28 November 2016
1f649a276cee27804a5e434da8576476_original-54322.png Typhon's 110mm miniature
Massive Kronos, Gaia, Enceladus and Typhon miniatures, plus mini-campaign, included in set

Monolith has added a new expansion to its Kickstarter offering for Mythic Battles: Pantheon, and it’s a titanic addition indeed.

Rise of the Titans includes four huge miniatures for Greek deities Kronos, Gaia, Enceladus and Typhon, as well as their respective dashboards, stat clips, tokens and activation cards.

Also in the $59 box is a mini-campaign comprised of five scenarios, the first four focusing on a different titan and featuring two-player co-op gameplay against an AI opponent. The final mission is a two- to four-player competitive showdown between the four powerful beings – with the help of Atlas – and the gods in the game.

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The titan models measure a staggering 110mm high, towering over the standard 32mm figures.

Rise of the Titans is an optional add-on for backers of the Kickstarter campaign, which has raised more than $1.7 million to date and will conclude on December 1st.

It follows the large Poseidon, Hephaestus and Hera expansions, as well as a number of small add-ons. In order to use it, you’ll need to back the core game at the $99 God level pledge or above – as lower pledges won’t include the required stretch goal add-ons.


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