Mystic Vale: Nemesis Expansion Announced

28 October 2019
Titans, curses and a solitaire variant come to AEG’s Mystic Vale card game

Nemesis is the latest expansions for Mystic Vale – the card-crafting, druidic clean-up game by AEG.

The game’s core mechanic of crafting individual cards as well as decks makes for a highly customisable game. Like other card games you spend your time playing cards onto a field while managing your resources – avoiding decay while collecting victory points to win.

Nemesis adds upgradable titans to the game and curse tokens, a feature first introduced in previous expansion Twilight Gardens. The biggest change however is the introduction of a solitaire mode, allowing for solo play for the previously only 2-4 player game.

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The box for Mystic Vale: Nemesis Contains:


  • 108 Advancements
  • 36 Vales
  • 8 Leaders
  • 13 Nemesis
  • 1 Corruption track
  • 1 Hourglass marker
  • 46 curse tokens
  • and a rule book



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