Mysterium expansion Secrets & Lies brings its new storytelling game mode to digital

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24 November 2017
ss_bf22a248f9a1e97ab19edd4c91dbb62587b48aab.1920x1080-78242.jpg Mysterium: Secrets & Lies
New characters, locations and items part of pack

The digital version of ghostly mystery game Mysterium has been updated with support for the board game’s latest expansion, Secrets & Lies.

A £2 in-game purchase on top of the £5 (£7 on PC) app for iOSAndroid and Steam, Secrets & Lies introduces a new game mode with 19 story cards that can be used to replace items and challenge players’ psychics to work out the entire story of the silent spectre’s untimely demise – instead of just one specific detail of their death.

The pack also adds an extra six suspects, including Count Warwick, the owner of the manor and host of the costume party where the murder takes place.

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There’s also an additional six locations and six items to add to the mix.

Mysterium’s previous expansion, Hidden Signs, is also a £2 bit of DLC for the app, introducing extra suspects, places and objects, as well as a whole bunch of vision cards for the ghost to try and communicate their tale.


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