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27 August 2018
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A New Card Game......


A quirky, dynamic card game inspired by basic programming concepts that offers 7 MYnd blowing games that could be played with 1 card deck using one’s super MYnd powers was launched on 27 Aug on Kickstarter.

The game is simple to understand and easy to play. There are 108 cards in total – 36 Action Cards and 72 Number Cards. The cards are text free with only numbers and symbols on them. Action cards present problems, based on programming concepts, which need to be solved using the Number Cards and the players score points for solving Action Cards. The player with the highest number of points wins the game. 

The 7 MYnd blowing games are targeted at different age groups and skill levels. Some of the games are suited for ages 7+ while the other more advanced, strategic games are suitable for ages 11+.

  • EZY CODR – Provides a gentle introduction to the underlying programming concepts introduced by Action Cards.
  • SPEEDY MONSTR – A fast-paced game that requires accuracy and speed.  
  • MEMRY FLIPOTHON – A game that challenges memory skills as Action Cards are revealed one at a time and players have to remember their location in order to solve them and score points.
  • DECODE - A strategic game that challenges players to consider different permutations when solving Action Cards.
  • CODR POKR MATCH – A challenging game where players apply ‘game theory’ when wagering with the objective of winning as much as possible one pot at a time - similar to a game of poker.
  • CODR LEAGUE – A strategic, partnership game where players work in teams of two to solve as many Action Cards as possible and score points.
  • COBBLE THE CODE – A strategic game, based on the tile placement mechanism similar to Scrabble.

With 7 games packed into 1 card deck, MYnd Kraft offers a game for every MYnd out there!

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We want to encourage every MYnd out there to exercise their creative MYnd powers. To this end, anyone who creates the next MYnd Kraft game using a deck of MYnd Kraft cards, will have the honour of having the game named after them.

The production of MYnd Kraft is entirely dependent on the crowdfunding campaign meeting its target. For those who pre-order the first print run, the game is being offered at promotional prices which are limited to the duration of the campaign from 27 Aug – 26 Sep.


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