My Little Pony RPG Tails of Equestria now lets you play as dogs, dragons and buffalo

17 October 2017
Diamond_Dogs_showing_the_%5C-X%5C-_S1E19-67751.png My Little Pony's Diamond Dogs
Bestiary triples number of character races

Tails of Equestria is a roleplaying game based on animated TV show My Little Pony, which – despite it being a well-written, enjoyable RPG in its own right – can make it a hard sell to those who are put off by its hooved heroes.

If you lack a passion for ponies, you can now still explore the world of Equestria, as the first bestiary for the game introduces five new non-pony races for players’ characters.

The Bestiary of Equestria introduces griffons, dragons, buffalo, the Bowie-inspired canine-like Diamond Dogs and shapeshifting changelings, plus one more pony race: crystal ponies. The six new additions effectively triple the number of character races available.

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As well as the playable races, the bestiary bumps up the roster of creatures for a campaign with the relevant stats and background. There’s also details on various non-player characters from the TV show, such as Big Mac, DJ Pon-3, Scootaloo and Flurry Heart. We’ll assume that means something to you if you’re a fan.

Completing the book is a list of new talents and quirks for monsters and player characters alike.

You can find the Bestiary of Equestria on River Horse’s website, where it can be picked up for £20.


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