Mutant Chronicles CCG Doomtrooper is headed from the ‘90s into the digital age

27 September 2017
C3RZWI4UMAAbVvn-88825.jpg Doomtrooper
PC version planned for release early next year

Doomtrooper, the collectible card game set in the Mutant Chronicles roleplaying universe, will be the next classic tabletop hit to make the jump to digital.

Original designer Bryan Winter is part of the team at studio Secret Cow Level bringing the mid-‘90s hit to PC next year, with support for iOS, Android, Xbox and other platforms planned for the future.

The rules will be slightly updated from the tabletop version, although the core action of players bulking out their squad with warriors before attacking their rival to earn promotion points remains intact.

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Warriors can equip weapon attachments, take cover, enter buildings and vehicles and meditate to generate destiny, which is a mana-like equivalent used to purchase new characters and items.

With a $15 (£11) pledge to the Kickstarter getting you 10 digital packs of cards and access to the beta, the core Doomtrooper app will be free-to-play and include support for one-on-one multiplayer and deckbuilding using the 400 cards available at launch.

The developers say they have plans to introduce a single-player campaign and tournament and draft formats in the future once the game’s released in January.

Doomtrooper has already made more than its $15,000 goal on Kickstarter, with stretch goals yet to be unlocked including a card crafting system, login rewards and other daily quests, and support for Linux. Alpha testing for the game is already underway, with the beta planned for coming months.


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