MTG Arena Coming to Early Access Mobile This January, and Kaldheim Release

08 January 2021
Clear away your January blues with this news

Mark your calendars, scribble in your diaries, on 28th January 2021 MTG Arena Comes To Mobile.

This will initially head to specific Android devices in early access, with support for iOS and other Android devices coming later in the year. However, the initial android access will include cross-platform support, and all cards and formats available in the desktop version of MTG Arena. It's a start for an exciting new way to play MTG Arena (though those with us with iOS await further updates!). 

Another reason to mark the date in the calendar is that it also marks the release of Kaldheim. This Viking inspired Magic: The Gathering set introduces new characters, card mechanics, and art, allowing players to experience snow- snow-covered dual lands, snow instants, and snow sorceries. This set will be available in the MTG Arena on the same date!

Kaldheim also features showcase frames, which offer a new look to the Magic the Gathering cards, and appear on the legends cards in the set. In addition, there are two brand new card mechanics to balance, with Boast, and Fortell. Boast lets you activate an ability if a creatures has attacked in the turn, and Fortell lets players exile cards from their hand face down, to cast at a late time. 

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Of course, you'll also see returning mechanics, which it confirms as modal double face cards for lands and legendary gods, sagas, and the snow-covered lands featuring a new snow frame.  

As for the set booster packs, these contain basic snow lands, or one of the new snow dual lands, with a potential to be a foil. Plus, there're cards featuring the Viking showcase, or with the borderless frame. The list cards will also be swapped out for cards thematic to Kaldheim. 

If you want to see the opening of a ton of pre-release and Ikora packs, this is the stream you want to tune into! Chris opens a number of these over on Twitch, and you can check out the video below. 


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