Mörk Borg Cult: Heretic Heads to Kickstarter

15 January 2021
And acheived funding and more in just 7 minutes

Mork Borg, the multi award-winning apocalyptic fantasy rules-light RPG (with incredible art), released today a further Kickstarter, with Mork Borg Cult: Heretic. 

The Kickstarter is a Zine "of misadventure and malice", full of Mork Borg creations from the community. This was created through Mork Borg Cult, which allows the community to send in homebrew versions of the game, that might then get tinkered with and put up for free download. Whilst the Kickstarter easily shares that you can go and download the content for free, the Kickstarter offers an opportunity to pick up a physical copy, as well as a few exclusives from the creators that you won't find online.


The zine itself is pitched to be a rough zine, which they say "we want it to feel like something you'd pick up at a concert or an underground art fair. It'll be a soft-cover zine, about 60-ish A5 pages thick, printed on heavily textured uncoated paper in 7 colors". Printing, distribution and digital fulfilment will be completed by Free League Publishing 

That's not all, of course, as you can also pick up a GM Wall of Doom as part of the Kickstarter. It'll include five panels, be printed with gold metallic ink on one side, and neon yellow on the other side. Plus, as part of a stretch goal, it also offers to equip each screen with "two pairs of photo corners" which will hold A5 sheets, perfect for you to add in tables or notes without ruining your screen or needing another. 


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Finally, there's the mysterious IKHON box. Pitched as "A heretical (and sought after by the inquisition) container with four forgotten god-creatures shackled within, each detailed in a 24-sided A6 booklet. To wield it, randomly select one and roll the dice to see if the being grants you a wish or punishes you. Sacrifice will tip the odds slightly in your favor.", there's plenty for you to do within it. 

As for pledge costs, is around £14 for the Zine alone, £29 for the Zine and the Screen (plus a PDF version of the Zine), £29 for the Zine (and PDF) and IKHON box, and about £44 for all three. 

The Kickstarter will be running until January 29th 2021, and at time of writing has achieved £65,012 of its £8,787 goal. You can find the Kickstarter by clicking here


Mork Borg has been one of our favourites for a while - see below, where our Editor Chris Eggett goes through his favourite Weird Board Games and RPG, for a Mork Borg mention!


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