Monsterpocalypse is returning as a massive monster-battling hobby miniatures game

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14 March 2018
pic4033581-33474.jpg Monsterpocalypse Hobby Miniatures Game
Drops pre-painted collectible figures and blind booster boxes

A decade after it first stomped its way onto the tabletop, monster-on-monster miniatures hit Monsterpocalypse is being rebooted.

Created by Warmachine and Hordes designer Matt Wilson, Monsterpocalypse pits Godzilla-sized kaiju in a fight to the death. True to the genre, the gigantic creatures duke it out in a ruined city and can interact with the terrain’s destructible buildings and smaller units in factions including dinosaurs, robots, aliens, military vehicles and more.

The biggest change for the upcoming relaunch is that Monsterpocalypse will no longer be a collectible miniatures game with pre-painted figures. Instead, the game is being turned into a full miniatures title with resin and metal hobby models that need to be assembled and painted by players. The figures will also be bigger and more detailed than their predecessors, meaning past models won’t be compatible with the new game.

The ruleset will be an update of the 2008 first edition, with the second edition promising streamlined and simplified gameplay. Although the rules are largely preserved and tweaked, one notable addition is the decision to make matches where each player controls two monsters a default way to play, along with the single-monster showdowns of old. Matches last between 45 and 90 minutes.

The new Monsterpocalypse will launch with two starter sets, split between the world-saving Protectors and world-enslaving Destroyers – known as ‘agendas’ – which will be followed by monster, unit and building expansions, meaning no more blind booster boxes.

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The agendas are divided into three factions with unique creatures and units, with figures from any of the factions able to be combined into a single force under either of the agenda’s banners. The first wave of factions includes the mech-like G.U.A.R.D., Shadow Sun Syndicate cyber ninjas, dinosaur-like Terrasaurs, Lovecraftian Lords of Cthul, Planet Eaters and alien Martian Menace.

Studio Privateer Press has confirmed plans for Monsterpocalypse organised play, with both tournaments and ‘thematically-driven play’.

The Monsterpocalypse Hobby Miniatures Game will be out this autumn.


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