Modiphius to publish Kung Fu Panda and Mutant Chronicles

18 December 2015
kungfu-47977.jpg Kung Fu Panda
Siege of the Citadel to get a reboot in 2016.

After launching the really rather brilliant Thunderbirds, it appears that Modiphius is keen to expand its board game offerings and has recently announced new titles at opposite ends of the gaming spectrum: Kung Fu Panda The Board Game and a re-imagining of Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel.

We’ll start with the latter which is a re-boot of the miniatures board game, originally designed by Target Games in Sweden and further developed by Richard Borg, who is best known for the Command and Colors system. Now Modiphius, alongside Cabinet Entertainment, has assembled an “all-star team” of designers to work on this new version, including Richard Borg, Eric Lang (Arcadia Quest, Marvel Dice Masters) and Kevin Wilson (Descent: Journeys into the Dark, Arkham Horror). Meanwhile sculpting duties will be handled by Prodos Games (AvP, WarZone) and Paolo Parente.

Originally released in the 1990s, Siege of the Citadel is set in the Mutant Chronicles universe, where players control one of five corporations: Imperial, Cybertronic, Mishima, Capitol or Bauhaus. Each player begins with two of their own unique Doomtroopers who both benefit from their Corporation's special ability. The players must prevent the Dark Legion and one of its vile leaders, the vile Nepharite, Alakhai, from conquering the solar system.

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According to Modiphius: “In the new edition, narrative led designs will build on the original gameplay mechanics and campaigns based on major events from the Mutant Chronicles universe will expand on the much loved game.” Siege of the Citadel will launch at Essen 2016.

Alongside this, Modiphius’ other big release for 2016 will be the official Kung Fu Panda board game. “Letting you step in to the action as either Po or one of the Furious Five, the boardgame will feature intense dice rolling action, as the players co-operate to defeat Tai Lung and other villains from the Kung Fu Panda films and animated series.

“Each of the heroes: Po, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Viper will be represented by awesome miniatures and have a growing arsenal of martial arts as they progress through a series of exotic adventures. By defeating villains, completing quests and helping others, players will gain Kharma to upgrade their characters abilities and secure the use of legendary artifacts from Master Shifu with which to face yet deadlier perils.” Kung Fu Panda will launch at GenCon 2016.


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