Modiphius Reveal Fallout: Into the Wasteland

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06 November 2020
A brand new expansion

Modiphius announced today a brand new expansion for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, named Into the Wasteland.


Originally a highly popular videogame, Fallout expanded to the tabletop with Modiphius, creating Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, an attempt to create a wealth of variety and depth of story, maintaining the fun at the core experience of adventure wargaming. 



In this expansion, you'll be able to take your force out into the wasteland and attempt to survive what lay ahead. 


In explanation, James Sheahan, the designer of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Fallout: Into the Wasteland described the new aspect of the game: "As a result, Into the Wasteland has been created to allow you to take your force out into a living piece of the Wasteland to explore and (hopefully) to survive.  The Wasteland Scenarios section describes how to generate and populate areas of the Wasteland and set your objective to scavenge, travel, scout, neutralise, or something else.  The Habitat section provides some changes to the AI rules to give purpose and natural behaviors to the Wasteland’s inhabitants."


It's worth noting it will also include new unit cards to incorporate into your game, which include neutral, hostile, and legendary creatures. Plus, of course, the campaign itself, which sees you travelling the land to save your comrades. 


Into the Wasteland will be available from Friday November 13th 2020, which coincides with its hashtag #FalloutFriday, with which it encourages you to take pictures and tag using that hashtag so cool results can be shared - make sure to tag @Tabletopmag too, as we'd love to see your efforts!



If Fallout: Into the Wasteland doesn't take your fancy, but you still want a game within the franchise, you can check out our review of Fallout: The Board Game, or simply take a look at our list of ten of the best video games turned board games.



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