Mobile fitness app Zombies, Run! is getting a board game spin-off

22 September 2016
197292ac1f2e279351b9c1e6ba79a191_original-08459.png The base game costs £26
Two- to four-player tabletop adaptation will make use of companion app and interactive audio mechanics
Mobile fitness app Zombies, Run! is getting a board game spin-off Images

Successful mobile fitness game Zombies, Run! may not seem like the most obvious inspiration for a board game, but that hasn’t stopped its creators from launching a Kickstarter for a tabletop take on the brand.

Available for iOS and Android smartphones, the original Zombies, Run! is designed for runners and joggers to listen to while they exercise. As they listen, the app plays music, sound effects and voice-acted dialogue relating to the progression of one of 200 different missions. When the audio informs the player that they’re being pursued by zombies, they need to speed up their jogging speed to collect supplies, rescue survivors and escape the undead.

It’s all relatively normal zombie affair, with the app’s smart use of fitness attracting more than a million players since its launch five years ago.

Despite this, the decision by the app’s creators to bring it to the tabletop as crowdfunded effort Zombies, Run! The Board Game may still raise some eyebrows.

The game is described as a two-to four-player co-operative title that makes use of a companion smartphone app to inform players of approaching zombies via audio, much like its mobile-only predecessor. Play time is seemingly open-ended, with the campaign saying players could participate for between 30 minutes and 30 hours.

Players will travel around an included game map, rescuing survivors, discovering secrets and dodging brain-munchers. Accompanying cards will denote the number of zombies, and the current state of the group, with players able to run, talk, think or sneak using Opportunity Cards to come up with a plan and remain alive.

Opportunity cards can be combined with Weapon cards, including guns, melee and items such as fuel cans, to hold back the approaching undead.

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Like other entries in the genre such as Dead of Winter, the campaign also suggests that players will be able to betray their fellow survivors.

A focus on story is highlighted, with designer Adrian Hon elaborating on Reddit: “It's a pretty unusual leap to take, but Zombies, Run! isn't just a utility like Runkeeper – we've always been known for our fantastic audio story and frantic action.”

The base game includes an A2 map, 96 Opportunity cards, 72 Zombie cards, 18 Weapons, four Character cards and more, while an optional Party Pack adds more than 100 extra cards for additional players. A premium ‘Runner 5’ edition adds survivor and zombie miniatures, plus artefacts such as postcards, newspapers and puzzles.

The base game costs £26, with the Party Pack at £34 and The Runner 5 edition coming in at £55. Further backer rewards are available, up to the £800 opportunity to become a zombie in the game.

At the time of writing, the campaign is sat at £39,000 of its £50,000 goal, with 28 days left to run.


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