MMO-inspired RPG board game City of Kings returns to Kickstarter with reprint and spin-off

27 March 2018
game-large-26375.png The City of Kings
Vadoran Gardens first sequel set in fantasy universe

Much-hyped roleplaying adventure game The City of Kings is venturing back onto Kickstarter for a second print run and upcoming card game spin-off.

Created by Frank West, City of Kings follows in the steps of Gloomhaven as an RPG-in-a-box experience: players create and customise a character and head out into the fantasy world to play through either seven distinct, multi-hour stories with a connected narrative or smaller, fast-playing scenarios.

New scenarios can be created by players using the game’s touted thousands of unique map layouts, more than 10 million different generated creatures and over a hundred player character options, giving the game a seriously ambitious scope.

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The game made over £280,000 during a Kickstarter campaign a year ago, and West is now bringing it back to the crowdfunding site with a reprint of the first edition on April 17th. The game arrives in shops today (March 27th), but is said to be completely sold out via pre-orders.

Inspired by video games – particularly MMOs such as World of Warcraft – West has written over 13,000 years of history for the world, which he has plans to expand with future games.

The first will be Vadoran Gardens, a tile-placement card game set in the City of Kings universe designed to be a much smaller, tighter experience than its bigger sibling.

Originally planned to have its own Kickstarter, Vadoran Gardens will now be offered as part of the second City of Kings campaign, with a general release at retail in the future.


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