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25 February 2022
Scott, the Youtuber from the channel Miniac, has launched his first ever Kickstarter campaign
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...and it features a whole host of miniature products!

The Brush Coffin is a fully metal brush box that can store 12+ brushes and any other similarly shaped hobby tools inside its high density foam interior. Each box comes with two trays featuring one just for brushes, and another tray that has a multipurpose slot.This product was created by Scott for miniature hobbyists and as such, went through several revisions to get it right. Another second brush box that’s more of a travel size was also developed that you’ll be able to pick up if the stretch goal is reached. 

Aside from the Brush Coffin, this Kickstarter features three brand new 75mm Wood Elf miniatures cast in resin. There are also some 32mm versions of each wood elf available in the campaign’s stretch goals if they are reached. These aren’t your regular wood elves. These guys are EVIL. Due to unforgivable sins, they’ve been forcibly removed from their city of Ohtera to live out their lives in the swamp where they thrive. Wood elves hold a special place in Scott’s heart and he made sure he did these three new concepts justice. Each miniature also has a master class video course associated with it that goes over the painting of the box art. Benjamin Kantor painted the box art for The Witch and his master class focuses on tearing down everything you know about light, shadow, and colour theory and building it back up stronger. He also uses a very limited palette for his approach to the miniature. Next, we have Jon Ninas who painted the box art for The Warrior featuring fun painting decisions like more of a purple, drow-like skin tone. His course focuses on how to approach painting larger scales for someone newer to 75mm. Lastly, The Ranger was painted by Scott himself, and the course focuses on a comprehensive, and honest framework to painting display miniatures. This course will teach you how you can approach your own display pieces, and really any miniature, with confidence while not having every single little step planned out. The last time Scott developed a miniature, he got a lot of feedback not only on the model, but the course he developed for it as well and is implementing that feedback. Not only were 32mm models requested, but also 3D STL files of the models. Scott is hoping to be able to bring those 3D files to backers in the form of additional stretch goals as well so people can enjoy these great concepts in whatever form factor they prefer.

There are more exciting stretch goals still yet to discover, and other add-ons like lovely wooden plinths fit for your wood elf dioramas. The campaign runs from February 25th to March 21st but if you miss that window, you can always late-pledge through the pledge manager.

You can back the campaign here.

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