Minecraft: Builders & Biomes set to arrive on our Tabletops

13 October 2019
Dig deep in the new Minecraft tie in Minecraft: Builders & Biomes

Minecraft has been a cultural force in video games for years now, with allegedly 91 million people playing the popular dig-and-crafter game to create bizarre (and impressive) contraptions and fight off things that go bump in the night. Luckily no one is going to ask you to make a binary clock in this new tabletop game.


The new board game announced by Ravensburger sees players mining away at the board and taking resources from an extremely pleasing set of blocks. Collect resources, build structures and defeat enemies to collect enough points to win the game. The building take centre stage here with players able to flip their own boards to create a network of structures, altering biomes as they go.


Players can also fight classic Minecraft enemies such as Endermen, Creepers and Zombies. As far as we can tell at this stage you can’t fall down a very deep hole and die in flowing lava.

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The game, designed by Ulrich Blum (Antigua, Grand Cru) allows for 2-4 players.


With the pixelated aesthetics and the strong use of core themes, we can’t wait to get building.


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