Mindclash Games Announce Voidfall, and here are the details you need to know...

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06 May 2021
Project Nova becomes Voidfall and soars to the top of the BGG hotlist

In its fifth original title, Mindclash Games has announced Voidfall, a space 4x game for eurogame enthusiasts, designed by Nigel Buckle (of Imperium: Legends) and David Turczi (of everything Anachrony), plus illustration and design by Ian O'Toole.

Mindclash Games set the scene for the game as follows:

"For centuries, the Novarchs, descendants of the royal House of Novarchon, have ruled with an iron fist over the feudalistic galactic empire of humankind, the Domineum. During this time, they brought stunning technological innovation and scientific advancements to their domain. This accelerated progression helped the Domineum reach — and eventually inhabit — even the farthest segments of the known galaxy, where new Houses emerged to govern the outer sectors of the empire. As the House of Novarchon grew in power, so grew the religious cult that surrounded them, proclaiming grim prophecies about an ancient cosmic being from another dimension: the Voidborn.

Many thought it to be only a myth, but in truth, it was the Voidborn's dark influence that granted the Novarchs the sheer knowledge to achieve rapid expansion for the empire. While the cult of the Novarchs envisaged eternal life through the otherworldly entity, the Voidborn's only intention was satiating its eternal hunger. And so, when the Domineum had achieved a vastness fitting the Voidborn's craving, interdimensional rifts opened at the heart of the Domineum to unleash cosmic corruption. As the House of Novarchon and its followers welcomed the Voidborn and sought their false salvation, the entity infected and spread and seized control over the inner worlds. Now, it is time for the remaining Great Houses to purge the galactic corruption, prevent the Voidborn from fully manifesting in our dimension, and to ultimately overcome the chaos as the new rulers of the Domineum."

In Solo and Co-op mode, you'll win by pushing back the Voidborn, and in the competitive mode, you'll need to overcome your rivals influence in restoring the Domineum. There are multiple playable houses, with strengths and weaknesses, and different map set ups available, which offer you varied game play. 

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You'll play as the leader of a Great House, through three cycles that each contain a "game-altering galactic event", a new scoring condition, and focus cards- the latter decisions and sequencing is the centre of gameplay. Develop and improve your tech, advance on your track, manage your sectors efficiently, and conquer new ones. There's no luck of the die roll to worry about either, as battles in Voidfall are deterministic and reward your preparation and smarts.

This game will be coming to Kickstarter in Fall of this year, and you can read more on the Mindclash Games site for future updates, and find the Voidfall BGG page by clicking here. 



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