Mind Sports Olympiad Almost Here!

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29 July 2020
Do you think you could win?

The Mind Sports Olympiad is an international event, which focusses on board game competitions. Beginning in 1997, the events has grown to include numerous board games, and to produce a series of board gaming champions, at its yearly events. 


Whilst the expectation of such an event generally lends to the likes of Chess, or Scrabble, The Mind Sports Olympiad also runs competitions for games such as Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Dominion, Magic the Gathering, Carcassone, Ticket to Ride, and more. Added to individual events are two Mind Sports Olympiad created competition, to try to find the best game all-rounders, named the Pentamind and the Decamentathlon, inspired by the pentathlon and decathlon, which include events in Catan and Dominion.


Prizes vary depending on the competition won, however, these included $150 voucher for catanshop.com from CATAN Studio, to £50 for first place at Go 19x19, to $150 for first place in Twilight Struggle, and these are open for registration. 


Like many events and conventions that were due to take place this year, meeting in person is not a feasible option, and so the event will now be held virtually. This means it's even easier to get involved! You can view and sign up to the events over on the Mind Sports Olympiad website, with over 60 different events, however, additional events still being added even now. There are also variations for junior and senior competitions, so there's a chance for everyone to test their skills. 

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The event is running from August 1st - 30th, with an almost full schedule already, so be sure to check it out!


In addition to its event, a documentary by The Mind Sports Olympiad, named Pentamind, has been shortlisted for Best Documentary at GenCon and will be screened throughout its film festival. There are also seminars that include discussions with previous winners, and tips on winning strategies for Catan, amongst others. 



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