Metal King Studio heads to Kickstarter with Relicblade

18 February 2016
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Players take command of heroes and monsters as they battle to claim magical relics.
Metal King Studio heads to Kickstarter with Relicblade Images

For us, here’s an example of what Kickstarter is all about: the opportunity for an individual who has a real passion to make his/her game a reality turning to crowd funding to get that game made. Here the product in question is Relicblade by Sean Sutter of Metal King Studio.

Sean is a freelance artist and illustrator with a love for miniatures games. “I’ve been obsessed with tabletop miniatures since I first walked into a game shop and saw that they existed,” said Sean. “And like many of you, I harboured dreams of creating a game. 20 years later I realised that I'm still crazy about miniatures, but I am also an able illustrator and writer. So I taught myself how to sculpt miniatures in ZBrush.

“Game design has been a joy, as well. I put forward core design principals and set about creating a game. As I got deeper in the game design I obsessively asked and answered questions through every step. I would toss and turn at night trying to figure out gameplay mechanics. After months of fevered game-craft Relicblade was complete. Now, each time I play it I am delighted at how well Relicblade meets its design goals.”

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Relicblade is a small scale miniatures skirmish game created by Metal King Studio. Players take command of heroes and monsters as they battle to claim magical relics of the ancient world.

It is quick to learn and fun to play. The characters are represented on the board by detailed 30mm miniatures while their statistics and abilities are shown on convenient character cards. The real depth comes in as players choose from 25 unique upgrades to specialise their characters to gain a tactical advantage. Will you choose to specialise your cleric as a support healer, or bestow her with powerful magic weapons to bring low the adversary?

The Relicblade Kickstarter has already been funded but there’s still time to jump in before it closes on 20th March. In the meantime you can see how the game plays in the video below:


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