Medici gets a Dice-rolling Remake

14 October 2019
The Reiner Knizia classic gets a shake up

Medici, the classic auction and collection game from one of the biggest names in the industry, is returning again as a dice throwing game. This follows on from the success of the original Medici and Medici: The Card Game (the latter of which we suggested “deserves a big place in your heart”).

Focusing in on the auctioning of points for points, the game contains the straight-forward joys of risk and reward. In this version, a roll and write, players play over three rounds to collect goods and load them on to their ships. The game rewards the hoarding mechanics of the original with the tactile lightness of a roll and write. 

Published by Grail Games, this looks to be an even more accessible version of the classic. The Kickstarter launches in November 2019.

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