Mayday bringing Gaijin Dash and Bucket King 3D to the West

10 October 2016
bucket-king-3d_d2zqzk-03943.jpg Bucket King 3D
Firm picks up publishing rights for party game and reimagining of Stefan Dorra’s family hit
Mayday bringing Gaijin Dash and Bucket King 3D to the West Images

English versions of Gaijin Dash and Bucket King 3D will be out in the West next year, thanks to a new publishing deal struck by Mayday Games.

A fast-paced party game designed by Hanabi creator Antoine Bauza and Takenoko: Chibis co-creator Corentin Lebrat, Gaijin Dash sees players pit their dexterity against each other, laying down cards to cross Japanese roads while dodging speeding traffic. The game takes less to play and includes 41 cards, plus five chips representing the various dangers.

Meanwhile, Bucket King 3D is – as the title suggests – an update of Stefan Dorra’s The Bucket King, which asks players to defend their pyramid of buckets by placing specific cards that exceed the previous hand played. If they can’t lay the right card, a bucket must be removed by flicking it with their finger – while avoiding collapsing the rest of the stack.

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Gaijin Dash will be out early next year and will cost $20 in the US, with Bucket King 3D following later in 2017 and costing $30.


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