Matt Mercer Runs An Elden Ring One Shot with Players from TV, Critical Role & Dimension 20

02 March 2022
"Tonight, gather your runes and charge your flasks!"

It's almost impossible to have missed the explosion of Elden Ring into the video game market, because whether you've played it yourself or not, the sea of 10/10 scores hail it as one of the biggest games of the generation. Made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin, who of course you'll have encountered through the likes of Game of Thrones, it's a spiritual successor to Dark Souls, pulling absolutely no punches as it throws you into an area of unbeatable villains, in an exploratory survival game.

We'd expect an eventual conversion to tabletop in one way or another – Steamforged Games in particular seem to have taken this mantle, with Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter World, and more – but given the game released only last week, the confirmation of a tabletop roleplaying Oneshot has come particularly quickly. 

Game Mastered by Matt Mercer himself, of Critical Role fame (and perhaps the most well known of game masters, responsible for the term the Matt Mercer Effect, which is the expectation that DMs/GMs will host vast and detailed campaigns complete with accents, voice changes, and special effects), the game is sponsored by Bandai Namco, and featured an impressive cast of players. 

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These include Critical Role players Marisha Ray, and Sam Riegel, actor Alex Ward, and Dimension 20's Brennan Lee Mulligan and Krystina Arielle. 

You can catch up with the stream if you missed it on Twitch when subscribed to their channel (or by using an Amazon Prime freebie) below:


And even if you've not played Elden Ring yet, you should easily be able to get behind the story alone through the course of the one shot, as Brennan Lee Mulligan confirms:


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